Get In To the College of Your Dreams Without GMAT

Thousands of scholars from across the globe do not succeed in getting admission to the internationally recognized business schools without taking GMAT. The complex questions and the manner in which this examination evaluates students’ commitment to various business courses make it difficult for them to hit the pass mark.

Today, we look at two hacks on how to get to the college of your dreams without GMAT.

Take the GRE Test

The internet is one of the best platforms that you can use to find MBA business schools that do not require GMAT. Instead of using this test to evaluate new students, they use the popular GRE scores. Some of the institutions that use this method to evaluate new students are Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University, Dartmouth College, and Duke University. Check out the newly published U.S News and World Report for a full list of schools that you can join without necessary taking the GMAT test.

Find Schools That Prioritize Other Factors

There are learning facilities that consider other factors when evaluating applicants who have not taken the GMAT test. Work experiences, undergraduate GPA and GRE are some of the main factors that they consider. Based on this fact, you will still need to get high marks in GRE and GPA tests in order to be accepted in the school. The schools use this strategy to encourage the not-so-typical students to pursue business courses, as there are many employment opportunities for such experts in job market today.

Bottom line: you still need to take some tests to get into the business school of your dreams without taking the GMAT test. Be sure to attend the classes and take all the exams after you are admitted to become a professional in your preferred business field.