What Subjects Are Covered Under GMAT

To be admitted in most of the reputable MBA business schools, all students are required to take and pass the popular and dreaded Graduate Management Admission Test. This is a computerized test that records your answers automatically, thereby, eliminating the chances of any malpractices occurring at the test center or during the final tabulation of marks.

A number of subjects are covered in the test and the questions will put to the test your skills and knowledge base. Let us look at each of these subjects in-depth to help you get a clear picture of what to expect in the center.

Analytical Writing Assessment

This is a writing task that will require you to present an analysis of an argument in an essay. One of the skills that you need to score high marks in this section is the ability to reason and critically think about the argument. The essay is given two ratings, one is generated automatically by a computer program, and the second one is given the GMAC admin. The computerized essay-scoring program evaluates a number of aspects such as syntactic variety, organization of ideas, and structural features.

Integrated Reasoning

This is a new section that was introduced in June 2012. Its main aim is to evaluate a candidate’s ability to evaluate and analysis various forms of data. This data is presented in different formats such as graphic interpretation, multi-source reasoning, table analysis, and two-par analysis. In most cases, each question has several statements that have tricky opposite-answer options. You will be required to click on the correct option to submit your answer.

Quantitative Section

This is another crucial section that you need to ensure that you score the highest marks possible. It is tailored to gauge your ability to reason quantitatively, interpret graphic data, solve quantitative problems, as well as analyze and make use of the information provided to solve a particular problem. A deep understanding of arithmetic, geometry, and algebra will come in handy when answering questions in this section.

The final category is the verbal section. It gauges ones reading comprehension, sentence correction, and critical reason. In each question, you will be given five answer options to choose.