Countries That Do Not Follow GMAT

Despite the fact that GMAT is an internationally accredited examination that helps to improve the value of education, it is surprising to note that there are some countries that do not follow or recognize it. This means that students from other parts of the world who are for one reason or another unable to do the test can relocate to these countries and undertake a Masters or Doctorate course. Nonetheless, there are some business schools in these countries that have embraced the test, but it not mandatory for new students to take it.

Here are three countries that do not follow GMAT and have poor education systems.

Saudi Arabia

In 2012 and 2013, only 311 GMAT tests were administered here. The most plausible reason for this statistic is the poor management of the education system that is solely governed by the Ministry of Education.


The education system is this country is very poor managed and this has resulted in an increase in the number of uneducated people and a poor economy. As a result, the big corporations and businesses are forced to hire people from other parts of the world such as United States and United Kingdom. Only 307 GMAT tests were administered in 2012-2013 period.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Despite the fact that this country is stable at the moment, the education system still needs to be worked on to meet international standards. Lack of resources and government incentives to construct more business schools is one of the main reasons why GMAT is yet to get a strong footing here.

In all these countries, one of the main factors that affect them all is war, instability, and poor governance. The respective governments need to put in place bodies and policies to improve the quality of education offered in their learning facilities.