Best Websites That Help Prepare for GMAT

If you have a goal to become a professional in the business industry, one of the tests that you need to pass to be accepted in the leading business schools is GMAT. It is imperative that you prepare well for this test to increase your chances of passing. Luckily, there are a number of authority websites that can help you prepare for the test for free.

Here are some of the credible websites that you can use to prepare for this examination.


This site is accessible from anywhere in the world and has a reputation of helping thousands of students score high marks. One of the highlights of using this site is that it allows students to download a complete GMAT practice test and take timed GMAT essays. More importantly, it will furnish you with gold worthy learning strategies. The interface is very user-friendly, no prior experience is required to access the resources as each page is clearly marked.

Crack GMAT

This is another popular website that is well known for providing exceptional free online preparation resources. It will give you a clear perspective of what to expect by providing a free GMAT diagnostic test, six comprehensive downloadable GMAT tests, fully fledged GMAT test series, GMAT Mathematics study guide, downloadable verbal guide that contains practice exercises, and GMAT essay guide.


This is another powerful website that has garnered a positive reputation in the market by providing expert GMAT preparation resources. Unlike the previous two websites, this one offers free short sample tests that will help you gauge your verbal and quantitative skills. It also provides a separate GMAT practice question tests that will evaluate your critical reasoning and problem solving skills.

As mentioned earlier, you will not pay a penny to access the preparation materials. All you need to do is register and take the tests. Good luck!